Lucy Purdy is a freelance journalist specialising in environmental and ethical issues. She grew up in rural Shropshire and currently lives in north London.

She writes for publications including the world’s leading positive newspaper Positive News, Transition Free Press, Permaculture Magazine, EarthLines magazine, Green Futures Magazine and recycling website, among others.

She is particularly interested in transition, local resilience and in the empowering potential in people’s connections to the natural world: from traversing the landscape to growing food. She focuses on solutions and on stories which have the power to shift our frames of reference, to a new, authentic and hopeful world consciousness.

Lucy was shortlisted as 2013 AITO Young Travel Writer of the Year as well as Feature Writer of the Year and Campaigns Writer of the Year at the NUJ Regional Press Awards.

Lucy is also a keen photographer and has experience of editing, commissioning, sub-editing, proofreading, PR and communications as well as writing.